Preventing and responding to road traffic related trauma

Safe Roads Africa

Road traffic collisions, which include incidents with pedestrians, vehicles and animals, are currently the eighth biggest killer in the world. As many as 1.4 million people are killed every year – about one every 23 seconds – while another 20m to 50m are injured but survive, often with life-changing disabilities.

We Aim to:

Reduce the number of road traffic related collisions in communities

Save lives by responding better to collisions when they occur

Enable people who have been affected by road traffic related trauma to recover and continue living healthy and productive lives


Chitetetzo – Designed to Decrease the Frequency of Road Traffic Collisions


The Co-Development of a Road Traffic Related Trauma First Responder Intervention



  • Dr Edward Duncan
  • Dr Wakisa Mulwafu
  • Dr Linda Chokotho
  • Lusizi Kambalame
  • Dr Zindaba Chisiza
  • Dr Simon Sikwese
  • Dr David Fitzpatrick
  • Professor Sally Haw
  • Dr Isabelle Uny
  • Dr Greg Mannion
  • Gemma Teal
  • Dr. Matthieu Poyade
  • Dr Alasdair Corfield
  • Professor Elizabeth Grant